What Should I Expect at BLOCK21?

Coming to your first BLOCK21 class? We’re so excited to have you join us and thought we would break down what to expect in class to keep the first-time jitters at bay.

1. What is a BLOCK21 Signature Class?

We created the class from scratch, so it’s not like any other workout out there. Think: Nightclub meets HIIT. The class is a 50-minute workout that combines hip-hop cardio, interval training, and strength training.


2. What should I wear?

Any workout clothing should do the trick and be prepared to sweat! Wear athletic sneakers with good lateral support. You may find that your feet are sore and tired after your first class, but as you continue to strengthen the muscles in your foot, that will go away. Be sure to bring a water bottle to class. There are water fountains outside to refill as needed.

3. What’s the music like?

Music is very important to us. You know that feeling when your favorite songs reenergizes you? We bring you that feeling for 50 minutes straight. We mix up our playlist every week and keep it fresh with all the latest hits. Want to hear more? Follow BLOCK21 on Spotify.


4. Do I need dance experience?

Definitely not! All dance moves are designed for beginners with zero dance experience. Come as a beginner, leave as a PRO!


5. How many people are in a class?

We cap our classes to 25 people to give you enough space to let loose a bit. Additional sign-ups will be placed on the waitlist. Sign-up early to ensure your spot.