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Have You Watched the 12 Best Dance Movies of All Time?

May 21, 2022

We know. This can get controversial. There’s really nothing better than a good dance movie, and we’ve compiled a list of our favorites. They all have the right amount of...

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The Best Denver Activities to Make Your Summer Even Better

Apr 12, 2022

Want to squeeze the most out of the final days of summer in Denver? We’ve got a list full of the must see activities you don’t want to miss. There’s a...

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Our Top Picks for Dance Fitness Shoes

Mar 17, 2022

Your feet are important! While we think that whining on the dance floor can fix all your problems (or at least make you forget about them for 50 minutes!), it...

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An Emoji Story: The Complete Breakdown of a B21 Class

Feb 12, 2022

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, an emoji has to be worth at least 500. We’re giving you a complete visual breakdown of class to show you all the...

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How to Plan the Best Denver Bachelorette Party Ever

Jan 28, 2022

Were you selected by your sister/bff/college roommate/cousin for her bachelorette party planning committee? First off, you should feel honored that you are the “fun friend” appointed to plan the ultimate...

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5 Reasons Dancing is the Best Thing for Your Body (And How You Reap the Benefits!)

Dec 3, 2021

We all find ourselves on a dance floor at some point: weddings, holiday parties, friends’ living rooms. Maybe you’ve heard that dancing is good for you, but do you know...

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5 Post-Workout Tips to Ditch the Shower and Refresh Your Body in No Time

Jul 11, 2021

We’ve all been there. Maybe you’re on your way to work, meeting a friend for happy hour, or heading out to dinner. Skip the time-consuming shower routine after class and...

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5 Tips to SLAY the Dance Floor

Sep 15, 2020

We all find ourselves on a dance floor at some point: a cousin’s wedding, a Friday night out, a holiday work party, a B21 class. Nothing is going to build...

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What Should I Expect at BLOCK21?

Jan 3, 2020

Coming to your first BLOCK21 class? We’re so excited to have you join us and thought we would break down what to expect in class to keep the first-time jitters...

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100 BLOCK21 Classes In: Meet Jooeun

Jun 21, 2019

Quickly approaching her 100th BLOCK21 Fitness class (!!), I sat down with Jooeun to hear about more about her experience both in and out of class. As a touring pianist...

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