How to Plan the Best Denver Bachelorette Party Ever

Were you selected by your sister/bff/college roommate/cousin for her bachelorette party planning committee? First off, you should feel honored that you are the "fun friend" appointed to plan the ultimate weekend for someone you care about deeply. That being said, we know that coordinating all the little details and finding unique bachelorette ideas in Denver can be challenging. We're here for you, sister. Keep reading to plan the best Denver Bachelorette Party ever!


1. Belt it out at Voicebox

I am a terrible singer and the thought of voluntarily singing in front of anyone makes me cringe. But even as the #1 skeptic, I've been to Voicebox three times and absolutely love it. The intimacy of the rooms helps any self-consciencousness fly out the window, and there's something oddly empowering about having a microphone in your hand. Conveniently located, Voicebox has a ton of bars nearby for the after party. Private rooms start at $60/hour.


2. Hop on a Pedal Hopper Bike Bar Crawl

This modified bike trolley that seats 8-16 allows you to pedal your way between bars and breweries. Seriously, it is so much fun. Make a pit stop to quench your thirst before hopping back in the saddle and heading to the next spot. Throw on the bride's favorite jams and get the party started. Book a bike for $320.


3. Channel your inner lumberjack at Bad Axe Throwing

Axe throwing has been sweeping the country, and, we have to say, it's strangely satisfying to hurl an axe at a wooden target. Their coaches will help guide you, and you'll leave as a team of professionals. People can't seem to get enough! Prices start at $40/person.


4. Get Ready with Blow-outs at Fluff Bar

We love Fluff Bar. It is very conveniently located near Union Station (#8), but you'll feel transported from the city in the charming villa-style salon complete with a sunny brick patio. The team will having you feeling like a million bucks as your primp for the evening's festivities.

PSX_20160511_080906-2 (1).jpg

5. Get crafty at Circus Upstairs

They have a ton of DIY projects to tackle like custom jewelry, pop-up art, and leather wallets. Grab a glass of wine to sip while you're creating, and you'll end up with the perfect keepsake from the weekend. Prices start at $38/person.


6. Sip The City With Savor Denver

New to Denver? Team up with Savor Denver for a cocktail (or food!) tour of downtown. You'll get behind-the-scenes access to the best bars and restaurants, and your guide will teach you a thing or two about the city as well. It's the perfect way to pack it all in one afternoon. Prices start at $59/person.


7. Crack the code at Escape Works

You'll have an hour to work together to find clues that will help you escape from a series of rooms. The story lines are creative, and it is a fun way to get your wheels turning. This is a perfect team-building activity to kick off the weekend. Typical prices are $27/person.


8. Make a Toast at Terminal Bar

Terminal Bar is inside Union Station, the updated train station that exudes charm and character. With an open format, you can grab a drink, order food from several different restaurants, or play shuffleboard in the center of it all. Cheers to an amazing weekend!


9. Grab a show at Comedy Works

Comedy Works is in the heart of Larimer Square, which makes it a very convenient stop to get the night started. They host all sorts of comedians, so find something that suits your style and get ready to laugh your ass off. Tickets range from $12-$30/person.


10. Shake it at BLOCK21

Custom parties at B21 are the best. Help choose the playlist before you break it down on the dance floor and sweat out every last toxin in your body. Classes are designed for newbies, so just let go and have fun booty-poppin' with the girls. Prices start at $15/person.


What else did we miss? Let us know!

The Best Denver Activities to Make Your Summer Even Better

Wondering what to do in Denver this summer? We've got a list full of the must see activities you don't want to miss. There's a reason we live in one of the most beautiful places, so get out and enjoy! Keep reading for 9 summer activities in Denver that you'll want to get on the schedule ASAP.

1. Film on the Rocks

Film on the Rocks is an 8-part movie series held at Red Rocks Amphitheater every summer. Watching a movie in the presence of 9,000 people makes the jokes even funnier and the thrilling movie climax even more momentous. FOTR is a great way to rewatch the classics or catch a movie you may have missed the first time around. Prior to the movie, enjoy comedians and live music, At only $15/ticket, this event is a steal. Check out their website here.


2. Progressive Dinner Date

What is a progressive dinner you might ask? It is a 5-course meal where you walk or bike from restaurant to restaurant between each course. Start at a bar for a drink, head someone new for appetizers, split a main dish at a restaurant, try the local ice cream get the idea. Biking allows you to cover more terrain and work off some of your last course before indulging again. Extra points for a tandem bike!

Sample Itinerary in the Highlands:

  1. Grab a frozen congelado at Señor Bear
  2. Order an app at one of Avanti's "food trucks"
  3. Split a main dish at Marcella's
  4. Try a taco at Lola
  5. Top it off with Ice Cream from Little Man (Salted Oreo. It's a no brainer)

3. Rockies Games

Denver is lucky to have a baseball stadium in the heart of LoDo, which makes for easy transportation and pre and post-game activities. The games are fun for everyone, even if it is just an excuse to eat a hot dog and drink a Bud Light. Plus, you can score Rock Pile tickets for just $6-$8. View the schedule here.

4. City Park Jazz

This is a 10-week free concert series held in City Park on Sunday evenings. People from all over come with park blankets, lawn games, and picnic baskets to spend the evening enjoying good music with friends and family. The coolest park about this tradition? It has been going on for over 130 years! This year, the concerts are held from June 3 to August 5.


5. Hiking in Golden

There are so many accessible hikes within 30 minutes of Denver. South Table Mountain, Chimney Gulch, Matthew Winters Park, and Mt. Galbraith are just a few of the options. Evening hikes are a great way to avoid the heat and the crowds and, if you're lucky, catch a stunning sunset on the way down.


6. Concert at the Botanic Gardens

This is one of the best kept secrets of Denver's music scene. The Denver Botanic Gardens makes for a unique concert venue, and the fact that you can bring a blanket, bottle of wine, and all the snacks your heart desires makes it even better, so post up on the lawn and enjoy the music. Check out the line-up here.


7. Tubing Clear Creek

The water stays icy cold all summer long, so grab a tube and head to 1201 10th Street in Golden. The stretch of the creek is relatively short can be lapped all day long. Be sure to bring a croaky for your sunglasses and strap-on sandals in case you take a dunk.


8. Picnic at Cheeseman

Cheeseman Park is the best. You'll find groups of people playing frisbee, having BBQs, going for a stroll, or just hanging out. There are a few designated picnic tables, but we recommend bringing a picnic blanket and heading to the east side of the park for stunning views of the city.


9. BLOCK21 Pop-up Classes

We're hosting our signature hip-hop fitness workout all over town. Yep, the park series is happening. We'll keep you posted with more deets on when and where. Peep the schedule here.

The 5 Best Stretching Exercises for Your Hips

As a dancer growing up, flexibility was something that I completely took for granted. I could bend forward and place my palms flat on the floor without thinking twice. As every year passes in my adult life, I realize how important flexibility is to my daily life (and how it no longer comes naturally!) When my body feels tight and my muscles are wound into knots, I feel as though one wrong move could tweak my back or strain my hamstring. To put it simply, life just feels easier when you're flexible.

One of my recent goals has been to spend 10 minutes each day stretching. Let's face it. Most of us spend the majority of our day sitting down, and that takes a toll on our hips. Sitting shortens our hip flexors and leaves our glutes unengaged. As our hip flexors shorten, our lower spine receives more stress, which can lead to lower back pain. These basic stretching exercises are geared toward releasing tension in our hips and help us prevent injury and provide relief to such an important body part.

IMG_8090 (1).jpg

1. Extended Puppy

Before getting too deep into the hips, take a minute in this position. This stretch lengthens your entire spine from the hips to the base of the neck.

Separate your knees hip distance and walk your hands forward without dropping the hips down toward the feet. Continue to press the hips up and the base of the spine downward.

IMG_8147 (1).jpg

2. Cow Face

Cross your legs and stack one knee on top of the other. Slide your feet to either side of your hips. Try to sit evenly on with your back straight. If you want to deepen the stretch, maintain a flat back as you lean forward slightly.

Exit the pose carefully! Bring your feet closer to your hips and work the soles of the feet onto the ground as you slowly uncross your knees.

IMG_8011 (1).jpg

3. Straddle

Doing this pose against a wall lets gravity do the hard work while keeping your spine straight. Slide your hips toward the wall so that they are only an inch or two away and start with your feet straight up the wall. Gently open your legs and lower your feet toward the ground.

To exit, use your arms strength to bring legs together and bend your knees, so the soles of your feet come in contact with the wall.

IMG_8175 (1).jpg

4. Low Lunge

Start in a lunge with your back knee on the ground and your front foot planted on the ground in a 90° angle. Slowly slide your back leg behind you and press into the hip flexor without having your front knee extend beyond your front ankle. To take this one step further, capture the back foot and slowly raise it to stretch your quad.

IMG_8049 (1).jpg

5. Swan

This is a less rigid form of the Pigeon Pose. Bend one knee and slide it underneath your hips. You can experiment with bringing the knee more parallel in front of you or lowering your hips toward the ground. This can be a sensitive area, so listen to your body!

Get the Insider Scoop: Meet Aaliah

The best way to learn about the class is to hear from others, so we called in Aaliah Hartley, a BLOCK21 VIP and total badass. She is an amazing person and knows how to pop it on the dance floor!

IMG_7472 (1).jpg

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Aaliah. I was born in Cape Town and raised in Miami, but have lived in Colorado for 18 years now. Crazy! As a future filmmaker, my passion lies in creating meaningful work that's both artistic and impactful. I currently go to MSU Denver, where I created a degree in Film Production Studies, and work at Rocky Mountain PBS.


What do you remember from your first BLOCK21 class?

I remember how out of breath I was! I also remember how fun it was and thinking that this is my kind of workout. The fact that it incorporates dancing makes it so much more fun!


Do you have any dance experience?

Not really. My older sister was a professional breakdancer, so dance has always been something I really loved. But dancing usually consisted of me getting down at a party or letting loose in my room :) 


What is your favorite part of class?

My favorite part of class is dancing and sweating while doing it! It's pretty much the whole experience of dancing with your own style and getting in a great workout at the same time.


Favorite B21 song?

There's a bunch that I like, but if I had to narrow it down to a couple, I'm going to go with "Reverse" by Sage the Gemini and one of my newer favorites "GDFR" by Flo Rida. They're those get hyphy songs!


What have you gained from taking BLOCK21 classes?

I think I've gained endurance and stamina for one! I also think it's a great confidence booster! When you're in the studio, you feel like a badass getting down to your favorite songs and knowing that you're keeping in shape all the while.


Have you ever showcased your B21 moves on a dance floor?

Yes! I'm pretty sure whenever me and my best friend Shawn (who introduced me to BLOCK21) are ever at a friends house, a work party, or out at a bar, we always use it as an opportunity to showcase our skills or to teach someone else the moves! It's so fun and slightly hilarious.


What would you share with someone who has never taken a class before?

Try it! You may be nervous at first, but as soon as you're in the middle of it working it out, you'll see what an awesome, intense and fun workout it is!! It's a super fun thing to do with your friends, so bring them too :) 


Anything else you'd like to add?

I'm so glad I tried BLOCK21 last year with my friend. It's now a part of my weekly routine. I love looking forward to such a fun workout with my friends. You can't help but feel amazing after this class!

IMG_6783 2.JPG