Colorado College Reunion 2017



We're excited to host a BLOCK21 class during reunion weekend at Colorado College! We will be partnering with Mitzvoters to give you a dance party workout in true CC fashion. By joining forces, we can give back while getting down! 


Saturday, October 14, 2017

CossitT HALL @ Colorado College



Mitzvoters is a group of Colorado College friends dedicated to helping others. Every month, 16 members located in seven different states collectively donate $500-$1,500 to an individual or organization that they want to thrive. In its first six months, Mitzvoters has donated more than $3600 to two CC alumni, two educational nonprofits, and one nonprofit that served the families of the KC-130 plane crash in July that killed 15 marines. Learn more at our website,  


Sign-up is free. At the event, we'll ask for a $5 suggested donation to CC. Mitzvoters will match donations and give to a separate person or organization TBD.

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