Bringing that Friday night feel to your workout.


Rethink your workout and stop dreading the daily grind of exercise with BLOCK21. Soak up the energy of the class, feel the music in your veins, and lose yourself under the lights. All the feels of a party combined with the punch of your favorite cardio class.


Werkin' on your fitness.

This 50-minute class is a non-stop dance party, designed to torch calories without even noticing. It combines high-intensity intervals, cardio, strength training, and booty-poppin' dance moves to strike the perfect balance between working out and having fun.


Upcoming Classes

  • Mondays from 5:30-6:20pm @ EVQ Elite
  • Thursdays from 7:30-8:20pm @ EVQ Elite

Class Packages


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Class Location

EVQ Elite Dance Studio

336 S Broadway

Denver, CO 80209


Cancelation Policy

If a class must be cancelled for any reason, please notify BLOCK21 via email or phone at least 24 hours in advance. Late modifications or no-shows will be charged the full price of the class.

Single class purchases expire 3 months after purchase date. All class packs expire 6 months after purchase date.