5 Tips to SLAY the Dance Floor

We all find ourselves on a dance floor at some point: a cousin’s wedding, a Friday night out, a holiday work party, a B21 class. Nothing is going to build your confidence like some good ol’ fashion practice, but we thought we’d give you some easy tips to up your game instantly.

1. Dress to impress (yourself)

If you throw on some old, frumpy workout clothes, you are going to feel old and frumpy on the dance floor. We all have that outfit that makes us feel our best. If you hit the dance floor in something that channels your inner badb*tch, you’ll be amazed at how much it affects your moves.

2. Picture this

When on the dance floor, don’t waste your time worrying about how you look. Picture yourself KILLINGGG ITTT and focus on that instead. The second you start to doubt your moves, just breathe and return to that mental image.

3. The music is your friend

Could you imagine how hard it would be to dance in silence? Really listen to the music, and feel it in your veins. When you are too focused on the moves, you miss out on subtleties in the music that may inspire the body to try something new.

4. Just keep swimming

No matter how much you might want to retreat and go sit down, don’t stop. The moment you freeze up, your brain will go into panic mode. Keep moving and repeat Step 2.

5. SMILE 🙂

Your smile is contagious. Even if you have to force it at first, your smile will spread to those around you and ensure that everyone is having fun together. If you mess up, don’t be afraid to laugh at your mistake and put it behind you.

The 10 Coolest Hip-hop Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Right Now

Instagram is one of the best places for dancers to showcase their goods. Some classes now bring in videographers to record the choreography at the end of class, which gives us an insider view into classes around the globe. Once you’ve dipped your toe in the waters, we know you’ll want to binge on some of the hottest dancers in the biz. We’ve got you covered. Here’s 10 of the best people and places to keep you scrolling.

1. Ysabelle Capitulé (@ysabellecaps)

She has blown up and is simply one of the best hip-hop dancers out there. You may recognize her from Bruno Mars and Cardi B’s “Finesse (Remix)” video.



2. Royal Family Dance Crew (@officialroyalfamilydancecrew)

This crew is based out of New Zealand and competes on the world stage. Their intricate and synchronized moves are enough to blow your mind. The founder of the crew, Parris Goebel, was also responsible for Justin Bieber’s famous Sorry video, which is the 7th most popular video in YouTube history.

3. Millennium Dance Complex (@mdcdance)

You may recognize the red walls of this dance studio in L.A. It is the home studio of many of the most talented dancers in the game. In addition to hip-hop, they hold a variety of classes in styles like contemporary, heels, and jazz funk. With dancers as young as 4, this studio always has something 🔥🔥 for you to watch.


4. Sienna Lalau (@sienna.lalau)

This girl knows how to go off! She has so much control over her movements and can tackle any style thrown at her.


5. Delaney Glazer (@deeglazer)

She slays.


6. Kida Burns (@kidathegreat)

Kida is only 16 and spends a lot of time dancing in his kitchen. He was crowned the winner of So You Think You Can Dance and was featured in Chris Brown’s latest music video. He’s creative, and his musicality will make you smile.


7. Jade Chenoyweth (@jadebug98)

Would this list be complete without Jade?! Once you know to look out for her, you’ll see her pop up everywhere. Most recently, she played Odalie Allen in the TV show Step Up: Highwater.


8. Kenny Wormald (@kennywormald)

Kenny isn’t new to the scene. We first fell in love with him on the MTV show Dance Life, which premiered in 2007 and remained on air for a whopping 8 episodes. Since then, he has been in a few dance movies and also starred in the remake of Footloose. Recently, he opened a new dance studio in L.A. called The Playground LA, which leads us to #9…


9. The Playground L.A. (@theplaygroundla)

Just like Millennium Dance Complex, this studio posts class videos from the best of the best. It is a good way to weed out the selfies and get down to the good stuff.


10. KK Harris (@kaelynnharris)

KK is pint-sized and full of energy. She’s performed at the VMAs, BET Awards, and was a dancer on the set of Glee. Get it girl!

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