Our Top Picks on What to Eat to Fuel Your Body Before Class

There’s a sweet spot between heading to class on an empty stomach and feeling sluggish because you just took down an entire Chipotle burrito. Fueling your body is just as important as the workout. We’ve compiled a list of our top picks on easy pre-workout snacks to grab before class.

The longer you have for your body to digest, the more complex foods you can incorporate (fiber, fat, etc.) Aim for a mix of carbs and protein to boost your performance and maximize muscle growth.

If you have 1-2 hours before your workout:

  1. Avocado toast

  2. Ants on a log (celery, peanut butter, and raisins)

  3. Baked sweet potato

  4. Carrots and hummus

  5. Hard-boiled egg

If you have 30-60 minutes before your workout:

  1. Banana-Pinapple-Spinach Green smoothie (blend with 6oz. of water and ice)

  2. Peanut butter and apple slices

  3. Salt & pepper stove-top popcorn

  4. Plain greek yogurt

  5. Trail mix w/ nuts and dried fruit

On the way to class and feeling hungry?

With 5-minutes to class just grab a piece of fruit and go! The fructose will break down into simple sugars that your body can easily and quickly use during class.