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Do you have questions? Keep reading for more info on what to expect from the class, and you can reach us via email any time!

What happens if you’re on the waitlist?

If a spot opens up, we’ll send you a text notifying you that we have space available. At that time, you can let us know if you’ve made other plans and can’t make it.

An Emoji Story: The Breakdown of Class

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, an emoji has to be worth at least 500. We're giving you a complete visual breakdown of class to show you all the stages of B21. #6 tho, AMIRITE?!

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What to expect at BLOCK21?

Coming to your first BLOCK21 class? We're so excited to have you join us and thought we would break down what to expect in class to keep the first-time jitters at bay. 

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5 Tips to SLAY the Dance Floor

We all find ourselves on a dance floor at some point: a cousin's wedding, a Friday night out, a holiday work party, a B21 class. We thought we'd give you some easy tips to up your game instantly.

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Get the Insider Scoop: Meet Aaliah

The best way to learn about the class is to hear from others, so we called in Aaliah Hartley, a BLOCK21 VIP and total badass. She is an amazing person and knows how to pop it on the dance floor!

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