Our Top Picks for Dance Fitness Shoes

Your feet are important! While we think that whining on the dance floor can fix all your problems (or at least make you forget about them for 50 minutes!), it is vital to keep your feet healthy and happy while jumping, shaking, grooving, stomping, etc. Shoes makes a big difference and are the first place we recommend diving into if you’re having any issues.

In our experience, running shoes don’t cut it! Your average running sneaker will have a heel-toe drop or an offset, which lifts your heel slightly higher than your toe. This helps absorb the strike to the heel as your foot rolls through a typical running stride, but leaves your foot in a funny position on the dance floor. We recommend looking for a training shoe that will help with lateral movement and keep your foot supported no matter how low you drop it.

Rotating through 2-3 different pairs of shoes to keep from stressing the same spot repeatedly can be a huge help. It may be time to upgrade them when the shoe shows physical signs of wear or your feet are feeling more fatigued than normal after class. Here are 5 of our favorite options:

1. Nike Free TR8

These Nike Free Shoes do just what they promise and are so comfortable that you may forget you’re wearing them. While they don’t offer much cushioning below the foot, they are breathable and offer wide support for the foot.


2. Reebok HIIT Training Shoe

Lightweight but supportive, these sneakers will flex to just about any position you find yourself in.


3. Under Armor TriBase Reign 4

Breathable and responsive, these shoes provide grip and support where you need it!


4. Nike Free Metcon4

While these shoes are a bit pricier than some of the other options, they provide a ton of cushion below the foot and bracing support on either side of your arch.

5. Reebok Guresu Training Shoe

These shoes are designed specifically to dance! They have a flexible toe bed but synched lateral support where you need it.


See you and your favorite new kicks in class!