Revolutionize your workout with our cardio dance class.

We recognize that trying something new can take serious guts! In return, we promise to show you a workout class unlike anything you've tried and dare you to make it through class without smiling. We pride ourselves on creating an inclusive atmosphere that's not about being perfect. (Honestly, we don't give a sh*t if you mess up!) Our #1 priority is to create a community that is there to cheer you on as we get sweaty together. Come join us and see for yourself why BLOCK21 is going to revolutionize your workout.



I started taking classes from the age of 8 and never looked back. I wasn’t the best in the class and never had professional aspirations, but there was something about it that made me light up inside. There is no greater feeling than ‘losing yourself’ on the dance floor. And the best thing about that? You don’t need any dance experience to capture that feeling. That’s where BLOCK21 comes into the picture. I wanted to give everyone a chance to access that feeling while making exercise actually fun at the same time. This class by no means easy, but when you combine a playful attitude, good (LOUD) music, and a group of people that are seeking to share the same experience, you’re able to dig a little deeper and just have fun.

I am a terrible dancer and was nervous about taking class the first time, but I'm so glad I did! It feels like you are at a dance party, and I honestly have so much fun.